Be  Relax  By Express  and  Share  Your  Feelings  for Removing Stress.

Life  is   is  very  mysterious  subject.  Everyday  many  people  live  in  the earth  with  various  types  of  stress .  Because,  everyday they struggle  in the  earth  for  leading  better  life.  Moreover, as  a  result,   At one  time , the  feel  suffer  more  and more  stress.  As  a  result,  at  one  point they  lose interest  in life.  Some commit  suicide, and   many  become addicted  to  various neurotransmitter  drugs that  are  harmful to  the  body. Threatening  themselves, family  and  society. So everyone  is  trying  to  find  a   way   to  live  with a  peaceful.  And   relax  body  and  mind  free  from various  pressures.

So , Now The  Discussion  Point  is  How  to  Keep  Relax  and Free  From Stress   and  Lead  Happiness  Life?

 First  of  all  share  your  feelings.  Be  relax  be  express   and   share  your  feelings . In  addition ,  it is   absolutely  verifiable that,  when  we  express  and  share  our  emotion   to  other . It  helps  us  to  remove  our  emotional  and physical  stress  and  also  keep  relax  our  mind.

For  example:

Share  Your  Feelings  With  Reliable  Friends

Stress-relax-inspirational-positive quote-motivation

When  you   share   your  feelings  with  your  faithful  friends.  It  helps  you to  get inspiration  and  better  cooperation. Moreover,  you  can  enjoy your discussion  with your  intimate friends. Besides,  it  is  true  that,  bosom  friends   always  give  best  advice ,  so  that  you  can  boost  your  mental  energy.  And  lead  healthy  life  for  long  time.  So,  it is sure  that  share your  feelings  with   close  friends  is  one  of the  best  way  to remove stress  and   keeping in relax  with  physically  and mentally.

With Your  Family  Members

Share feelings with family member

Family  is  your  first  refuge.  Hence,  we  everybody  should  give importance   to our  family member  in feelings  share.  In addition,   if  we  share  our problem, initially  with  our family  reliable member.  Then  it  will   bring  more  benefit  for us.  Likewise,  it  is  obviously   verifiable  that,  our family is  not only our  first shelter,  but also place  of  safety  and dependency. For this  reasons,  share your  feelings with family memeber. For  instance: your father, mother and other. Because, it is  certainly  that  every parents love their  child. It  helps  to get  better inspiration,  courage  and  save  from many unwanted  situation.

Similarly,  it is  certainly  true  that  in any  of  our problems our  family  members try to  cooperate as much as  possible  and  understand  us  more  than anyone  else.

It  is  a  different matter.  If  there is an  exception  in the  case  of   some  people.  But, it  would  not  be  accept , as  a  common matter  or  a  example.  Besides,  but if   we  look , at  it  from a  public point  of view.   The  worldwide  truth  is  that,  family members  are  Our  biggest friend.  So  the  important  thing for  everyone  is  that,  we  will openly  consult  the    dependable   members  of the family  on any   of  our problems. And  it  will be  much better than our  mental and   all  kinds  of  emotional problems.

Reading  Books ,  Listening  to  Music   or  Engaging in  Creative  Work  and  Cultural  Activities

If  we  actively  engage ourselves  in creative  or  cultural work. It  helps  to  relieve stress.

Such as   going to  a  public library ,  reading  a  favorite book with everyone.   Moreover,  listening  to  music with  friends,  or  sharing joy with everyone by  participating in a drama  show.   We  can easily blow  way the  stress  that   is  on our minds.  We  must  believe  that, nature  as  human  being is  a  social  creature.  And  that  is  way we  depend  on each other.  And  we  can never be  better  alone. We  will  better  off  by  living socially.

In  addition,  if  we  immerse ourselves in our daily activities with the  feeling of  happiness.  Then  we  will be free  from    the  worries, frustrations, excessive  stress.

Furthermore, so each of us should do all the work . Including  professional  responsibilities with joy  and  good home to keep  ourselves  free  from stress. Finding joy in the middle of work.  Love the work without feeling  the  burden.  Taking work as  an addiction. Not  a  profession is beneficial in all  respects. As  a  result,  we will be free from  a  lot of  stress.

Visit   The  Fascinating Heart  Wrenching   Nature


Traveling is  the best way  for   gaining  practical  knowledge   about  the  place  and  environment. In  this   case  there is no alternative. In addition, it is  absolutely  accurate that,  many people  everyday travel in different  place  only for their professional work.

On  the  contrary,  When  you  take  a   trip   in excursive  place for  mental  recreation.  For  instance: sea beach, river bank,  awesome  forest, shower. Then it  keep  you in relax,   removing mental  stress  and   boost   energy  in your  body  and  mind.  As  a   result,   at  the end  of  the  tour.  It  seems  as  if  such  a  colorful  time   could  have  been  spent  for  a  few  more  days .  You  feel  more  like. It  is  not  just  travel,  it  is  the nectar  of  being good  in  body  and mind.

Because,  it  is  accurate  that, wonderful nature is good for removing stress and marvelous relax.

Nature  is  the best friend of  human being. Without  creation   human  existence  in the  earth  is  unimaginable. Moreover,  all  kinds of  necessity element  of  man get   from  the environment. Such as: water, light,  air, food  and  all  things.

Likewise, natural environment always determine  human  existence  in   the earth.  And  it  is  true  that natural  environment  make  calm and heavenly  environment  when  it is at  a  good stage. Therefore,  it  creates  strong  protective  power in human mind  and   eliminate  all  kinds  of  pressure. Besides,  all  category  of  diseases medicines  element    come   from   natural  resources.  In conclusion, we can say easily that  no  nature,   no  existence of  human.


Yoga,  Exercise   and  Meditation  and  Taking Organic  or Natural Food  is The  Best way   For   Physical  and  Mental Fitness .


 It  is  universally  true  that  yoga ,    exercise and  meditation .  Taking  natural  or  organic  food  and maintain diet  habit.  According to on that formula  is  the  best  way  for  physical and mental fitness  and   removing all types of  stress. 

From  time immemorial.  In countries  considered   to  be  the  pilgrimage   sites  of  various  important  civilizations.  Regular  yoga  exercises,  physical exercises , meditation and  accordingly  regular  eating habits were  emphasized to  keep oneself  well physically and  mentally. For example: in ancient Indian civilization. And  even in the  Chinese civilization of  the Confucian  era.  It was given on strict adherence. As  a    result,  all  the  civilized  people of  that  time.  Who  followed  all  these  rules  and  regulations  of  good health  and  longevity  were  much  less  prone to  diseases.  And  as  a  result they  were  able to  live  a  long  and  healthy life.

In addition, yoga  and meditation  is  the  most  important   for  keeping  mind  relax  and  removing  stress.

Organic  or Natural Food

Furthermore, diet is an  integral  part of  a  person’s  physical  and  mental  well-being and  long life.  There  are  some  foods  that  have  a  negative effect on human  nerves. Such as alcohol.

But those who want to keep themselves warm by drinking  alcohol.  If  they do not drink alcohol. But drink naturally made  honey. It will keep their  body warm and will  help them to live  a  long life  by increasing their immunity.

In addition, those who  eat fast food to quench  their thirst. But if they do not  eat fast food .  They eat cheese, milk, eggs with bread made  of  flour. Just as it will quench their  thirst. It  will also relieve them of  their weakness  and give them strength in their  bodies.

On  the  other hand,  fast  food  increases body fat  and  execess  weight.  At  one  time,  the  body  becomes  weak and  suffers  from  various  diseases.

Besides,  many people drink artificial drinks  made of  various chemical  ingredients  to  quench  their  thirst  in the  scorching heat  or  to  quench the body’s fatigue.  Which  in many  cases causes  long-term negative reactions on various  organs of  the body. But  if  we  drink naturally  occurring  fruit  juice to quench  the fatigue  or  thirst of  our body. For example: coconut water, lemon water,  mango juice  or  various  other fruit juice.

So  it  is  certain  that  the habit  of eating natural  or  oganic food   for  a  long  healthy life  along  with  regular  exercise  and  meditation helps us  to  keep  physically and  mentally  healthy,  relaxed  and  free  from  various  kinds  of  stress.

Express  Gratitude Feeling to Great Creator

At present world mental stress is the main problem of human being. Specifically who are doing job or business  in different organization in different position.  They feel it very highly.  Moreover, In  that case  it creates different  types  of disturbance in human society.  In addition,  It influence our social and family life in various  way .

So, Now  The  Effective  Way   to Solve  The  Problem  is

We have to be more creative so that we can avoid all types of mental tension.  On the contrary,  spiritually  if  we  practice  some rules and  work.    Then  we can  get easily  relief  from everyday different  type  of   mental  pressure   and   physical  pain.  For  example:  regular physical exercise meditation , Yoga   and   express deeply  grateful feelings  to  our  Great  creator  Allah/ Creator.  Furthermore,   if  we    believe  in  our  religion.  Then  we  have  to believe that we  and  earth and whole  universe  are  created  by  Great creator / Allah. So , feel  thankful  from the  bottom of   your   heart to  the  great  Creator  of  all  blessing that  you  Creator  loved you.  And that you  still have  so  many  good  things that  many  do  not  have.

Likewise,  If  we  always  be grateful to  our  Great  creator /  Allah  for his all  gifted  things.  Which we have got from his  through  the universe.   For  this  reason  we  can  lead  happy  life  in the earth.

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