Love is very sweet word for human being and other creatures. Every  Parents  love  their child.  But  if  there  in  here  exception  that  is  not  example.  In  addition,  It  is  absolutely  true  that  as a parents we have many responsibility.  But in most of cases, we can not understand. How to apply and when is the best time for it .

In other words,  actually we do no know about our responsibility in properly.  For this reason it creates different type of problems in different time.  And  in different environment in our life. Although we everybody want to like be a father or mother. On the other hand, it  is certainly that most of the parents do not fulfill their responsibilities to  their children.

In consequences, we see that in our around many children grow up without proper guidelines. As a result,  a   large number of children in our society when step in youth they can not keep proper contribution for the society and the nation. Then they become a burden and also create different types of problem.


Now  the question  is that  how do  the  obstacle we can conquer?

It  is  very  easy  that  if  we practice some element  with  regularly.  Then we  will  get better  solution  of  the matter.  For  instance:  First  of  all , as  a   parents   we  have   to  understand   child’s language , their  mind   and  situation handling  capability .


What  do not  We  Should in  Love  to  Our  Children  ?

In  addition,  we  have  to  be  positive in  our   children  all   limitations  and  also  motivate and  help  them.   So  that  they  can  overcome  their  general  limitations.   Moreover, we  should  not  scold  them  in  their any  limitation.  And  do not  compare  with other.  Because, every  child  is   And  then, we  also  try  to  understand  their  mind  and   their  intellectual     abridgement.

We  have  to  belive  with love for Children

Every child or  human being is  born with one  unique trait.  So,  we  should  never  compare anyone. We  must  remember  that  the  great  Creator sent  every  human being  to  earth  with some  or  the   other  talent.  We  need   to  find  out    the  talents  in our   children  and  give   them  all  the   support   and  encouragement  we  can   to  develop them.  One  child  should  never   be  compared   to  another  child  or  another’s  child.  As  result,  the child’s   mental   development   is  hampered.  The  child suffers  from  inferiority complex. We  must  remember  that   inferiority  complex  hinders  human success and  brings about  extremely  rewarding  results. 

.On the other  hand, if  the parents   try  to  understand   the  child  by  accepting  any  failure  of  the child  in  a  normal  way  and  encouraging any positive  action  of  the child. It  is a  great  blessing  for  the child.

Patience  and  encouragement   of  parents   is  the best medicine  and  the best   stimulant  for  the  success of  the child.  The   greatest   controlling   force  in    the  world.  On  the  otherhand parental  negativity,  negative  talk, reprimand, not  trying to  understand  the child for  the child’s  failure.  To impair the child’s  mental  development  and  also  enough  for   mental  disability.


What  do   We  Should in  Love  to  Our  Children  ?

We  have  to  understand,  my  child. I  have  to  understand. I  have to  take   the  responsibilit  of  my  child. Only  then my  child will  be my  wealth . And  my  child  will  conquer the  world  with my encouragement,  effort  and  cooperation.

The  success  of  the child is  not  a  matter of  pride. Rather,  one  should give  thanks to  the Creator and  humbly ask  for  blessings   from  the people for  the child.  All  kinds  of  arrogance  must  be remembered  as  the  root  of  human fall

Moreover, since  we  like  to  love  our  children.  Hence,  we   have  to  always    encourage  them  as if  they do not  feel   any frustration.  Because   frustration  always  create  strong  psychological  bunker  for   the  success.  Besides, it  is  certainly  that  there  are  creativity  in every  people.

So,  different people creates  different creativity. Furthermore,  As  a  parents  we  should   try   to  discover  our  children  creative power  and  their positive  trends. And  then, according  to  their positive   trends  and  capability.  And  we   should  help  them  so  that they  can   best  level    utilize   of  their  creativity  for  better  success.  In other words,  we  have  to  say  always “yes”    in  their  every  positive  and   creative  effort. However, in this hummer  never  utter  “no” .  For  this  reasons  it  may  be brings  destroy  in  your child life.

Besides,  in  every  negative  aptitude  of  our  children  we  always  should  discuss  them  with  friendly  environment.   And  also  highly  focus on  its  negative  consequences.  So  that   they  can  easily   avoid  the  wrong  way.

How  Should a  Parent  Love  a  Child  During  Adolescence?

The  time  of  puberty   of   the  child is   very  important. Moreover,   it  is scientifically  recognized  that  hormonal  variations   during  adolescence cause   changes  in  the  physical  constitution and  behavior  of  boys  and  girls.  Besides,  at   that  time  parents   should   be  friendly  with their  child. 

In  other words,  it  is  the  sole  duty  of  every  parent  to  be patient  and  try to  understand  his   or  her  mentality  if  the   emotional   changes   that  occur   with  their   physical   changes often  have  a negative  effect on the child’s   behavior.  Then  the child will  grow up  healthy. Because during  adolescence,  children get  involved in wrong actions  with  many  wrong decisions.  And  the  parent’s  friendly  attitude  towards  the  child  helps   to  keep the  child  away   from many  wrong  decisions and  mistakes.

To  clarfiy that, every  parent should  try  to  understand  the  mentality of  the  child  from   childhood.  And   be  friendly   with   them. Therefore, this  will   strengthen the  child’s bond  with  the  parent as   well   as  keep the  child  away  from  misguidance  or  misguidance.

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