Importance of Dream

Dream is soul for  better life. It is called stamina. Moreover, without dreams  your life is lazy life. Where there is no dream, it is certain that there is no liveliness  of life. In addition, dream always determine what is your life destination and what do you want? Who are optimistic and wise they always  give importance  dream. Besides, they  make better plan on the basis of best dreams.  The matter of dream is not related to individual  but also  nation.  Furthermore,  it is true that  ther are dream a  person and a  nation. But every dream is  most important for development of individual  life and  national life.

Secondly,  it is certainly true that, we acknowledge, and do not. The ultimate  truth   is that without  dreams  the progress of race and individual  is  not possible.  If  there is only a  dream. A   person and  a  nation  have  a  specific  plan to make  their dream come true  and  act  accordingly. So,  we  can  say for  sure   that   the pace  of  progress   of  human life depends  on the combination of  real  action  with dreams.  Likewise, the person or nation that combines  the action  well with  the dream  will  reach  the peak of  rapid  progress. Otherwise  they will  be left behind.



Is  It  Easy  to  Reach  The Dream?

Furthermore, it  is undoubtedly true  that life is not bed of  roses.  But everybody   like   to reach  dreams. Similarly,  the way  of  touch   dreams  is  never smooth. Besides,  unpleasant but surprising  things are not as  easy   as  winning dreams. Word of mouth or dreaming.  It  is  the combination of  a  man  or  a  nation with a  lot  of  labor. Time  and  sacrifice   to  achieve   small  goals and  a  combination of  realistic  work.   So  that  goal  can be   achieved   by easily.  Overcoming the  obstacles  in the way  of  attaining  target.

In fact, in order to  achieve  big  object.  A person  or  a  nation  has to  gain confidence and  experience  through  acquiring  small  destination.  Then it becomes  easy to achieve great knowledge.

In addition,  it  is  universally truth  that,  in this world. Which enhances  human dignity and honor to others.   And which enhances human happiness, comfort  and humility. The path to achieving  that is always uneven and sometimes  extremely competitive  and risky.

And then, mankind has been trying to overcome. All  obstacles for the sake of  happiness, bliss  and  humility  since  its  creation. Some succeed  in overcoming obstacles. While  others fall  behind  due  to  wrong  planning,  laziness,  failure  to make   the right  decision at  the right time.

Again, many  people give up  because they  are  afraid  of  obstacles in the way of  attaining  goals. In  this  way in the battle  of  attaining the  ultimate success,  happiness, prosperity, honor and humility of life. One wins and is awarded  the status  of  a  hero. Another  fails and  another escapes from life like  a  coward.  Because life is burden to them.

What  Can People  Do to Win The Dream?

Again,  there are some obstacles  in the  way  of  true life.   Over  which man has no real control.  For instance: when a medical student left home  to attend the final examination  of  becoming a  doctor.  When he left for the examination center, he was found dead in a  road accident. Jusr five minutes   before the  examination center.

What  do  we  call  this  kind  of obstacle?  Or  a  person dies of  a  heart attack  the moment  he  is  elected  president  by popular  vote. But even then people cannot  be stopped  in the battle  of life. Because man  is the best creature  of  creation.  People do not  have to work for their own good  just  so  save themeselves . Man must work for himself   and  for the neglected   and deprieved  people around him. And  even extend  his helping hand  to other creatures of  creation.

Because of  human beings, whether  we  like it or not.  We  have to leave  the world one day at the will of  owner  of infinite power. The ultimate truth of human life  is that  after his birth  he has to leave the through a  process called death.  And  one  of the  rules of the earth’s  genes  is that this earth is moving.

As  a  result, everythingh  in this world  is humane. We  who consider  ourselves  the best of creation. Our life, youth, laughter, joy, happiness, sorrow, in this way  every event,  every moment.   Whatever  happens in our life,  everything is  humane.


What Do  We  Have?


Moreover, we  are only  a  creation of  the  infinitely  merciful owner,(who owns  everything, such as the heavens, the earth, the underworld, knowledge, energy, wisdom). Nothing more.  If  we  as  human beings were  truly courageous, then courageous people would have prevented  his death and  the aging  of  his body at  any cost. But since its  creation, thousands of  attempts  have failed.  So there is nothing to  be proud  of  in this world.

Furthermore, the only owner of arrogance  is  the only owner  of all  infinite  power. Who created man. The Creator of  man  has  given man two things.  One  of  them is to dream  beautifully  and  try as  much as  possible. No human being  has  more courage than this.   And  there is  a  difference  between dreaming  and trying.

All  We  Can  Do is  Touch The Dream.


So we,  as  the best creatures  in creation, will  dream of building  a  beautiful  and  happy life. For the good  of  ourselves  and  others on earth. And  we will  continue  to  do our best for that.  Now  matter how many times we  come to this hammer.  We  will not  be afraid  to  find all  the alternative  ways  to overcome  the obstacle  with a smile.

In addition, it  is  certainly true that,  to be afraid means  to lose. And  barriers  are  new opportunities .  But  do not lose.  Besides,  anything  more  than  that will  give us  nothing  but  to increase   our mental instability. It  is nothing more than we  will   try our best  to  make the most  of  the wisdom  that  our  Creator   has given us. In  return for what  we  get . The owner  of  infinite power has  determined  for us. 

To sum up, if  we fail  after our  efforts. We  will  not  be disappointed. I  will find new paths in new ventures.  And then, do not be discouraged if  we think we  have more to do or  have to do. I will not  think of  anything more than that. Likewise, it is absolutely  true that,   excessive  thinking  causes us physical and  mental anxiety. Can not give more than that.


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