What  is  Feeling?

Feeling   is  a  such  a  process of  action  of  the mind  which  is  influence  us  physically  and mentally.  But  it  is  expressed through the emotion and various types of  behavior   reaction in different time dissimilar  environment  of mind stage

To more  illustrate:

In addition,  it is  sure that we  can  distinguish our different  types  of  emotional  and  behavioral  activities in various kinds  of environment   only through    feelings.

So  that  we  can understand   what    is  painful  and enjoyment matter for us.  Which   things  should  avoid    and  accept  us .

Besides,  such as:   when we  take  food  and drink water we  can  recognize  the taste  of  food and  water. And then we  can  determine  which food  is  delicious and  bitter for us.

Moreover, when someone physically   attack  us at that  time  we  can understand  that  we  have to protect  it. Because our mind  send  us reaction that  we  must  save us from the hit.

Furthermore, while  we  lose our favorite things and  person then we realize torment  in our mind. This mind reply  is  called  feeling.

Likewise, in that case  it  is easy to say that  after  reaction of  every  action in  any act mentally  and physically  is   called  feeling.

And,  Now  The  Question is  That  How  to  Understand  Feelings?

This  answer,   in one sentence, we can realize  it through the  five senses  in our body.

For example:

Sense of eyes


Sense of Ears








This  five organ of human body  is  touchable and  it is  called    source of  feelings  and  knowledge. On the other hand there  are  one more sense is called  sixth  sense of human life. It  is untouchable  but believe it  on the basis of  mind power. Such as: imagination power, Capability of forecasts about future ,  communication  with other  through  the subconscious mind  that is  known as  telepathic.

Classification  of  Feelings  on The  Basis  of  Five Senses

   In Particular:

Feeling of  Sight

Feeling  of  Sight

Feeling  of  Hearing

Feeling  of Hearing

Feeling  of  Taste

Feeling  of   Taste

The  Sense  of  Smell

The  Sense  of  Smell

Feeling  of  Touch

Feeling  of  Touch

1. Feeling  of Sight

Utilization   of  eyes is only  for watching  scenery of  environment,  incident  and any things. When we  watch  a  place, incident  and  accident or other things  at  that time  we  can realize  about the things. For  example: if  we  see  any accidental death it creates  pathetic   response  in our body. Then,  it follows that  we  go  ahead  to help the   affected people.  In contrary,  while  we   see   rainbow, or beautiful drama,  beautiful  opposition gender,  awesome  nature,  highly romantic  scenery  etc. Then, it  creates in our mind  lovable  feedback . This response  or feedback    is  made  through watching  the environment  through  the eyes.  Furthermore, for this reasons it is called feeling of sight.

2. Affection of Hearing

             Ears  are  used  for  hearing  sound of  object  and  voice of man.  It  helps  us  to  gain knowledge   about  the object  and  man. For  instance:  when we  hear  sound  of  a bomb explosion  at once  it make  negative answer  about  the environment  in our mind.   Then ,  as a result  we  take more  careful  step  about  the place and   try  to  stay in  safe mode .  Alternatively,  when hear  a  interesting voice song  at that time   it  creates  enjoyment  rejoinder  in our mind.  Likewise, thereby  we  take more   attentiveness   to enjoy   the  song  properly.

3. Feeling  of  Taste

We  use  tongue  only   for  taking taste of food  and  water. One example is that  after  eating  palatable food  it  build   desire to more food  in our mind.

However, when get  bitter taste  in any food  or water then it creates  negative response in our mental   to give up the food or  water.

And then, in that case it  is obviously truth that   in here the mind reflection about  the food. Just as:  “desire to more food” about  delicious food.

Next is that, “to give up the food ” about the bitter taste food.

So,  now  we  can  say  both  reflection  of  our mind about food  is  called  feeling of  taste.

Moreover, it is certainly  truth that  as  a  human being  we everybody  like to  stay with better things, no bad.

4.The Sense  of  Smell

Taking   smell  of  food,  object   and  breathing in the  air  through    the  nose.  To  illustrate :

When  we  take  smell  of   food or  object  at  that  time   we  perceive   condition   about  food, object  and  air. In addition, it  is  obviously true that   if  smell   is  healthy for us   then  we  wish  try  to  take  more .

Furthermore,  now  we can realize that  in this  sentence  the  word  “wish”  it   means  feeling  and  we  know that  feeling  is  a  process  of  action of our mind. Besides,  it  is  certainly  true that in   this  sentence the word ” wish”  is used in positive  sense of the  action.

In contrast,  whenever  the smell  of  object  or air  is  filthy  at that moment  it  creates  negative impression in our mind  so that   we  want to try   as  far  as quickly  to  leave the  place  as  if  we  can feel  more  better  and  keep  well  physically  and  mentally. In  here  the word  of  “want to leave”  means   that  feeling. Although, these  words  are  utilized in  this sentence in negative sense  of  feeling.

Moreover, in conclusion  it  is sure that  positive  and  negative  both smell reactions  are  part  of  feeling.

5. Feeling  of   Touch

Whichever  we  touch  any things  in the  earth we have to do it through  our  skin. Moreover, we everybody known   universally  that  our whole body is covered and protected   by corium.  Similarly, for this  reasons we  can not imagine  without  dermis  our  existence. Besides, in that  case,  whenever we  hold  any  object  for  example: man,  food, book etc  in the earth   at once  we  can understand  position of  the object.

For  instance :  when our  any organ  comes in touch of fire  at  once  we  get  negative reply  from our mind  so that  we  move  from fire. In addition,  in  this  sentence the  word of “reply”  means  feeling  that  is process  of action of the mind.

Alternatively,  if  we touch  our lover  or  desirable  person  at  that  moment  we  can  grasp  that like  to touch the person  more long time.

Furthermore,  in this  sentence the word grasp means  feeling  and  it  is  used here  as  a positive  response  of  the  mind.

Expression of Feelings

     For example:

Expression of feelings

It  is  universally  truth  that  expression of  feelings is  the most  potential  matter  for  all.  Moreover,  it is obviously  sure  that   we  can  realize   about  other person  motive    through  only  expression of feelings.

But,  now  question  is  that  in which  part  of  our body   keep  most  important  role  in the   expression  of  feelings?

In  one  sentence   the  query  answer  is  that  mouth  area .

Because  in our life every  happiness  incident or  accident  our  every  expression is  expressed initially  through  our  face.  Due   to which everyone  says  that face  is the  mirror  of  the heart.

For  instance: when  someone  is  in  trouble , his  face becomes  pale.

Smile  is  the inevitable  part  of  facial expressions  of  feelings.

For  example: when  a  man  gets  his  desired   promotion,  a  smile  appears  on  his  face.

Again, when someone makes fun of  someone,  they express  it through laughter. In addition,  another  important matter is  that,  in most time,  sweet  smile  is one of  the  best tool  for  making  better relation  with clients   and   other.

Unnecessary  laughter, on the  other hand,  destroys  a  person’s  personality.

So,  we  have  to   express  laughter according to our  environment  and  situation, and  if  we  accept  this issue in a  good  way,  we will   accept it  with respect and  dignity.  Otherwise,  it  will not  be  good for us.

Furthermore, it is  accurate that depending  on the expresion of   feelings,  a person’s  personality determined by  others.

Likewise,  it  is  sure  that, personality  is  the  most  important  factor  for  a  man  to  getting  proper  respect  to  other. Because  attractive  personality   always  to  attract  others,  as  a    result   it exposed   a   person importance and  honor   to  others. And  then,  it  is  possible  only  through expression of  feelings to  maintain properly  social   values,  environment  and  situation.


Even, to  know  more  about the meaning  of feelings word: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/feeling

Besides, to know  more:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feeling


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