Forgive it is a  great word.  Likewise, our Creator  always like it.  And  not  only    Creator  but also  all  human being. As a human being we lead social life. In addition, for this  reason, in our daily life  everyone deal many things with many man  about  their multipurpose  subject.

And in this case,  they  have  to  deal  with some people because of  misunderstandings  or  because there is  no  way   to  get  our  own  legal  rights.  And  because  of  this,  we  have  to  face  different kinds of  adverse  situations.  In consequence   of  which our  enmity with  someone  is  again  friendship    with  someone.

Moreover,  in  the  course  of  time.  Friendship  comes  from enmity  with someone.  But  as  intelligent  and  conscientious people.  We  should  not  forget any  feelings.  Besides, if  we  forget.  Then  can learn  nothing  from it.  On the other hand,  our  Creator   tells us to  humbly  ask  others  and  the Creator  for  our  wrongdoing. And  then, if  we  do  wrong  to  someone, we  will humbly pray  to Him for  our wrongdoing.  Moreover,  we  will  repent  to  the  Creator   so   that such    an  unjust  act  by  us  will  never happen again.


What  We  as  Human Beings  Should  Do


In another words, as the  best living  beings in  creation.  We  are  always  generous, tolerant, unintentional or  ignorant of  the  mistakes  of  others.  Furthermore,  we  have  to  believe  that  the  world  is  very  beautiful.  And in order   to  live  beautifully in this  beautiful world.  First  of  all we  have  to  bring a  positive   change  in our   attitude.

Secondly, we  have  to  be  kind,  be generous.  And  be  tolerant   of  others. Likewise,  a  humble  heart  to  those  who  support  us  in  various   ways.   As  well  as  we have  to  extend   a  helping  hand   to  them in every  moment  of  life.   Besides, who  are  religious  they  have to  believe  that when the servant   expresses  gratitude to  the Creator after  enjoying  the  blessing given  by  the Creator. Then  the  Creator is  very  happy with  such a  servant. In  the  same  way,  if   another person expresses gratitude  to  one person for  the  benefit  of  another.  Then not  only  the person is  happy,  but  also the Creator.   And  the grateful   person  are  satisfied.

Moreover, it  is  certainly  true that expressing gratitude is  not  just  politeness.  This  is  the  responsibility   of  a  normal  human being.  Which   we  often  see  in animals  other  than humans.

One  example is  that dogs.

Similarly, information that dogs have ever been ungrateful  is  very  rare. And  then in any case,  ungratefulness is  the opposite  of  human behavior.  Even  the Creator dislikes His ungrateful servants.  People  also dislike it.



What  Do  We  Should  More

In addition,  we  will  always  be  grateful  to   be  benefitted by  others.  As well as, it  can  happen in  different  ways.  In  the same way, one  man will  cooperate with another man for  a  happy  and  prosperous  human  society in order to satisfy  the Creator in the danger of  man.

Similarly,  we  will cooperate with other creatures of  creation  to  build a  loving world.

Furthermore,  everybody  have  to  be  determined  about  making  peaceful  and  happiness  world.

For  this  reasons,  everyone  will   always  be  aware of  those  who  create chaos in  the  society and  those  who  are against   humanity. And we  will  be  committed  to  taking  strict  action.


In conclusion, it  can  be  said  briefly  that, everybody should forgive other in sometime for his bad behavior or negative work but never forget them.  And we have to learn from  all  the deals in different time in different place with varieties people. Because  it is universal truth that human life always existence on the learning of different situation in different matter

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