Feeling  is   the  most  important inevitable part of  human being. But it is  untouchable because of it works as  a process of  action of  the mind. Though it   is  a  process of  action of  the mind but  it  keeps   most  important role  in human life in different  relation and  different action. Besides, we  can  say that feeling is the bridge of  relation between the thoughts of one person and  the thoughts of another person . Because as human being we can understand or have the opportunity to understand other people only by expressing different feelings in different ways . It is not possible for us to understand  or know each other without expressing our feelings.   

Now  We  Discuss   Importance  of  Feeling  in Our Lives for  Making  Relation.

For Example:

For  Building  Better  Friends



Relation is  build  through feelings

It you  want to  pass finer time then you would to choose your reliable better friends. And then ,  who always want to try understand  your feelings and also understand your mind.  Moreover, it  is  true   that,  who  are  the best friends  they  always  encourage  them for  their  success. Besides,  as  well  as, they  consequently   share  their  feelings  among  friends  and  every time  feel  happiness  when  their  friends  get  success  and  also   feel  trouble  when  suffer  distress.

Furthermore, it  is undoubtedly  accurate  that  excellent friends always make for outstanding inspiration.


To  Make  Best  Relation  With  Your  Colleague  in Your  Workplace

Relation  build  through  the  expression  feelings

It  is  undoubtedly  true  that  if    you   want   to  feel  better  in your  work place . Firstly,   you need   better  colleague  and  also  better  friendly environment  in  your office.  Then you feel  comfort  and  feel more relax .  Furthermore, it  help  you  to  release  your   all  mental stress  and  unwanted  physical  strain. In  addition.   it  will  inspire you mentally  to  be more  creative  and  to  do  excellent  work.

Likewise, it  is  sure that,  best colleague and inspirational environment make magnificent work.

In  that  case, it  is  universally  true  that, proper  expression  of  feeling is  the  most  important  way  to  make  the  best  colleague  and  inspirational  environment  in  the office.

Do  You   Want  to  Be  Happy?

Share  Your  Love   With  Other

It  is  true  that  if  you   like to  be  happy  in the  earth  then you    have to   share  your feelings  with  love  to   other who are  facing problem. And  then,  we   have  to  help  other   from our  best  level . Similarly, it  is  certainly  that  who  are  self  centered  they  can  not  be  really  happy  and  once upon  a  time  they  feel  loneliness.  Even, in  life  they  can  not  achieve  proper love  and  respect  from  other. Likewise,   as  a  social  being   we  can  not  live  alone  in the  earth

How  to  solve  the problem?

Eventually, as  a  human  being   we  always   be  spread  our  hand  for  other  need  and  in  their   distress  or  danger  moment.  Otherwise,  firstly,  we  will  responsible  to  our conscience. Next,  we must  be   accountability  to our Great  creator Allah. In other words, we   must  believe that  in the earth   our  happiness always  depend  on  some  important specific  element . Admittedly, if  If  we  help  each other  in their problem . Finally,  our  society  and the earth will  be  beautiful  and happy  like  heaven

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