Time  is  the  is the  most  important  factor in our life. In another words, we  like  to  get  every incident  questions  all  answers   in timely. But,  sometimes  we  do not  get  some  answer  of some question.

In addition, it is a  fact that human life is  very diverse and some people’s lives are so full of mysteries that they do not even know all the answers to many questions  that  have arisen in their lives and even many years  after the death of those people.

For example: the mystery of the death of  Adolf Hitler, the German dictator Foerer who shaped  world war  second,  is   still  not clear   to  the world. Where  and  how  did Hitler  die? Second,  the immortal creation of  the Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci is the Mona Lisa. The unmistakable identity of  the woman we  see in Leonardo da  Vinci’s  painting of  the Mona Lisa is still unclear  to  the world.

In this   way  there are many incident in the world which have not been  resolved yet.

In addition,  it  is plainly  true  that, we  all like to arrange.   Our dreams from our childhood.  According to the normality  of life. And  we all  work  according to that.

For  example:  in  the institution where  we study in childhood. We  dream while studying that in our youth.  We  finish  our studies  in the institution  of our dreams. To  be involved  in the dream  profession and  become something big.

For instance:  in childhood. Someone dreams  of  becoming a    doctor,  someone dreams of  becoming  an  engineer. Besides,  someone dreams of  becoming   a  big  businessman  or  a  lawyer.  Again many things.

 Now  The question is that  do  Happen all  Things in Time Normal  way for All ?

Moreover, these dreams seen in the normal rules of  childhood  are  naturally   fulfilled  by many at  a  young age.

But,  the  dreams.  Dreams  and sincerity   of  many  are  not fulfilled  in spite  of  their  best  efforts. And  that is  the  biggest  secret of  human life. Unexpected,  uncontrollable  events happen in their lives. They are  victims of uncontrolled conditions.

In  another words,  in this case, we  must  acknowledge  that  although  we  are  the  best  of  human beings.  But  it  is  true that we also  have limitations.

Therefore,  we  can not  control everything  in our lives to our  liking.  For instance: we  are forced to leave  the world unwillingly.

Another  is  that to face old  age even though we  do  not  want  to  grow  old. Besides, to  be forced to  accept what  we  do  not  want  in life because of  circumstances.

What  do  People  Actually  do  in  The  Whirl of  Time?

On  the other hand,  if  we  think of  this world   as   acting .  Then every women and man in this world is an  actress.  And  these people are  being invisible  controllers.  Their creator.  Moreover, Who is the sole owner  of  all that is between  the heavens, the earth  and  the underworld.

And  Who  has  no  partner, no rival. Likewise,  His  invisible infinite power controls  every living  thing  on earth,  includin, including man, and  the  universe.

Similarly,  the owner  of  that   infinite   power  has  given as  much  humality  to every  creature.  Consequently, every living thing  in  the  living world does  just  that willingly  or  unwillingly.


People  Keep  Role   in  Time

Most  importanly, every human life in  this  world is  like the actors   and   actresses of  drama  movies. However, the  difference is  that  the film directors of  the world  let  their   actors  read  or  tell  the  script  of  their  chosen  film/ movie or  drama   before  acting.

As   a  result,  the  actors  and  actresses  of    that  movie drama  know     what   to  do  and  what  to  say in  a  scene.  Moreover,  also  what  will  be his  physical   and  mental  attitude   in   that  acting  scene and  how    long   will  be    act  in  that  scene.

But  the  whole  life of  a  person  on  this  planet  called Earth   is  lke acting  in  a   drama movie. Furthermore,  those  who  are  born  here  go  from childhood to  death in  a  play called Life or  in  a  movie.  And  then,  one  by one, everyday,  every time.  In the same vein, from childhood  to  adolescene to  youth.  And  from youth  to  adulthood.  And  then old  age.

In contrast, not  all  people  on this earth  reach old  age from birth. Before that,  on an occasion  or  an  excuse, The persons has  to  move away  from  the  scene  of  playing  the  name  of  the world.   And  from the scene  of   a  drama   or  movie called   life  willingly  or  unwillingly.  Because  there  is  no  way.

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