As   a  human  being  in   the  world  we   have  to face  different  kinds  of  barrier  on  the  way  of  success. It  is  accurate  that  these  types  of barricade  make  new feelings  and  realization  in  our mind.  As   a  result  we  seek  new  way  to  change our  current  situation. It  is  true  that whenever we try to change our current situation, we  have  to face different kinds of adversities, including financial, social.  And  we have to face the adversity caused by more   different types of  situation.

These  blockade in  most  of the time  not only comes  from other  environment  but  also  sometimes  family.  Moreover, inspite of   different  bunker  on  the  way  of  achieving  goal  some people  overcome  these  obstacles.   but  most  of  the people   in our  society  can  not  conquer  it . There   are  many  reasons  behind  the   matter .

First   is  that, lack  of  proper  plan. In addition  insufficient  hard work for the success. Moreover, incapability  of  discover reasons  for   failure of  the  work. On  the  other hand ,  veritable realization  of   failure .

In addition,  it  is  sure that  realization  helps us  to  make  new  idea   for   achieving  success.  Furthermore,  If  we  exactly  implementation  of   idea  with  hard work,   then  we  achieve  success  in easy  way.  Moreover,  we  everybody  known  that  the  way  of  success  is not  bed  of roses . Likewise, we  must  hard working  with confident and continuously on  the  based of  specific  well  plan   for achieving success .  Besides,  it  is  true  that  if  we   always  cherish  the  realization  that,   success  is    for us,  and  that it is possible  to  achieve  it   in  our Pahma. And  we  believe in this realization  if  we  work according to  a  specific plan. Then no obstacle in the  world can move us away  from  achieving success.  Moreover,  as a  result,  it will be   stimulate us   pscychologically.  In addition,   end of the day   we   also achieve desirable success.


Now  The  Potential  Question  is  That  What  do  We  Mean  by  Realization?

There are  diffrent  opinion about  realization, In contrast, it  is  absolutely  sure  that,  perception is  about  getting rid of  past  failures, wrongdoings,  cultivating a good mindset, decision making and determination to work in a  new  way and  work accordingly.

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