Opportunity  come  our  life.  But  some people  can  not   catch  it. Because they feel hesitation  to make  decision. In addition,  it is sure that,  in most of  the time those who  feel  hesitate to  take decision. Similarly, they lose great opportunity. And  then,  it  is  not only  true  for individual life  but  also  nationally.


Negative  Impact   of  Hesitation



In addition,  it is  obviously   accurate  that, most of  the people is  lose  their  many opportunity only  for their hesitation. So,  do  not  be hesitate for  taking better opportunity.

Besides,  it is  undoubtedly  true  that who  have  felt hesitation  they  have  lost  many opportunity  in their life.  But some time hesitation is  good for human being. And  then, when  hesitation  make blockade  on the wrong way.  But  those who are alwayse  hesitant  to make   decisions   are  really  concerned   about  their  present and  future.    And,  despite all  these people  being hardworking   and  talented.  Yet on the battlefield  of  life they lag far behind the less talented people 

Moreover,  people who are  hesitant to make  a  decision  not only lose good  opportunities  in their lives. They  also cause  annoyance to the people close to them. Eventually losing importance.


Now  The Potential  Query  is  That  What  is  The  Reason of  Hesitation

First of all,  insufficient  knowledge  about the circumstances. And, it  is  undoubtedly  true  that, knowledge  is  the most  important powerful tool  to make  right   decision about any subject.

Secondly,  lack of  confidence  make many problem to  achieving success. 

Next ,   Shyness  is  the most  important  reason of  making hesitation in mind. Furthermore, it is certainly  that  shyness  may not be the reason everywhere,  but it is a  big  reason in many countries  and  many nations.

For instance :  what will people  think.  If  everyone does not  take it in a  good  way. Would it  be  okay to do that? This  kind  of  thinking is impersonal thinking.

Again, lack  of  courage.

How  to  Overcome hesitation ?

If  we  follow some practice regularly  it helps to us overcome the hesitation problem.

To illustrate:


1. Gain knowledge  in different way

There  are  various types  of  source for  acquiring  knowledge. In particular : reading book, travelling different place, interaction with people  and  watching reality story  basis drama, cinema   and   different types   documentary films.

In  Particular :

A.  Reading  books : 


It  is certain  that books   are   the  most    important   and  readily  available   source  of  knowledge . Moreover, throughout  the ages, books,  have been  considered    as  one  of  the  most popular means  acquiring knowledge  among different nations.  And, it  is certainly true  that  the  practice  of  knowledge  can not  be  imagined in the world  without books. So  we shoud   more read book for gaining  knowledge  in different subject.


B. To  Travel : 

    The main source  of   practical knowledge is  travel . In addition,  we  can    know  about  the place, environment and people through direct travel. As  well  as, it  is  sure   that  traveling  is  not  only  source  practical  knowledge but also recreation.  And  then, if  you  visit more  place  it  will be easy  to  get  more information about the  place, environment  and  public.

C.  Interact  with People:

Furthermore, it  is  plainly  accurate that by interacting with people. you  can achieve realities in various fields. Besides, the way people work in different environments, seeing with their own eyes. listening to real experiences of different people. And  the strategy to  adapt to that  environment.  So, you  should  do not  hesitate  to  interact  with the people.

Moreover,  even so owning one is still beyond  the reach of the average person. Which  will lead us to success.

D.  Watching  TV

It  is  undoubtedly  correct  that by  setting   up  televisions.  laptops, Android internet  connections. Likewise, everybody  can know  different  things  that happen in different  parts  of  the world in a matter of seconds. Namely: political, economic, cultural, religious, sports. Moreover, which has made the scope of our knowledge  easier.

In addition,  we can easily share the information  we know with others.  And get advice  or  feedback  from them  on  relevant issues. In particular : education related matter,  entertainment  and  everything else. As  well as   what  we do not  know from others.  As  a  result  knowledge  is  practiced  as  well  as  the  transaction  of  the mind .  Which plays an important role in making our present  more prosperous .  And  one  of  the means  to  build  the workers  of  the future world is  the current  television  and various forms  of  social media.

2. Be Self-confident in  Mentally  for  Removing  Hesitation


Moreover, belief  in one’s  own judgement.  Words  and  deeds  serves  as   the greatest  tool  for  a person  to  be  victorious  in life.

Furthermore,  the logical belief within oneself  leads  people to touch  their  dreams . As   well  as, over  the ages. People  have  crossed  the borders  of  their own  country  and  conquered  other countries  with confidence.  Snatched victory.

In  addition, people  have been  able to conquer   space and space  because  of their  strength  of  faith and   enthusiasm. Moreover, it is universally true that  enthusiasm  and  faith   increase people’s  respect. On  the other hand,  distrust makes people fail. Life is disrespected by defeating it by throwing it away from the normal course of lie.

For this reasons  everybody should  build self confidence  inside the mind  to eliminate all negative  hesitation

Just  as: strategies to build confidence  are done  very carefully when it comes  to work.  And know  the work problems well. Similarly, according to him to practice  on his own several times. And then, a  person will be able to decide with confidence without hesitation whether to solve the problem of that work  or the kind of work that is similar to that work or  to do such work in a new way.

Furthermore, also how can  everyone identify family problems. Social problems in our lives. Find the cause and discuss the solution with everyone.  Moreover, in this way. The adversity  we face in solving every problem  and finding a  solution increases our self-confidence. And motivate us to make decisions without hesitation. Similarly,  it is  absolutely  accurate that  who  feel hesitate  in most  of  the time they lose great  opportunity  in  their life.


3.  Remove Shyness

Shyness  cannot be tolerated.  In order to overcome shyness.  Moreover,  we  as human  beings  have to  give importance  to logical thinking. Because it  is  universally  true that  logical thinking  reflects  always  reality.  Furthermore, life is mine, my needs.  I  have to meet my needs. Likewise,  we  have believe  that some people do not come forward voluntarily  to meet their needs.  So, in order to meet  the needs and requirements  of one’s life. Similarly, one has to speak  for oneself. One has to do one’s own work. Besides,  you  have to overcome  the hesitation and enter the battle of life.

And then,  what he said can not always  be ignored. If  you can win the battle of  your life, then everyone will applaud. In addition,  for us to remember,   the  world  is  a battleground   for us   as  human being to live our lives with dignity  and respect.  And , shyness is  a  secondary here. So do not   hesitate  to take  him seriously . It makes different problems.

4. Be  Brave

The earth only for courageous people.   In  addition, who are brave  they conquer the world  and the people. As  well  as it is  plainly  correct that there is no place of  cowards in the world. And, in  the past time who have  kept  contribution  in the society, nation and  the world in different field . They   everybody were  courageous. At  present situation also same.

For instance: Physician, scientist, social worker, lawer, politicians, teacher, social reformer, researcher etc,

Likewise, hesitation   may  be  lack of  their  proper  realization  in time  or may be their   lack of   courage . At  some point hesitation becomes  a cause of  severe  mental  anguish for some.

Similarly, it is true that time is  the most important factor in  our  life . Because  the   eternal  truth  is  that  human  life  on earth  is  not  eternal. Furthermore, human life  is  made  on  the  base  of  limited  and  uncertain time structure. So,  everyone  have  to  leave   the  earth  at once, whether  we like  it  or  not  through    natural  law. And  then, there  is  no  alternative   with us  to  avoid  way. Hence,  we   have  to   overcome  all the  hesitation  in time  and   to take  advantag  of  any   legitimate   way   to   achieve desired  success.  Otherwise  everyone ends up in failure.

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