Life is  matured  by  experience.  Moreover, it  is  obviously  verifiable that cxperience  is  one  of  the  most important key of  success.

Furthermore,  it is  plainly truth that most  of  the antagonistic   situation.  We  can  over come  successfully only  by  our   experience.  Besides,  if  we  observe  properly  around  us  then we will  watch  that many people. Who  have  vast  experience in  specific  work  or  subject,  they can   overcome not  only  all type  of obstacle but also   easily  achieve  their desirable  success in their life. In addition,  if we  analyze  behind  the cause  of their  present  success  then  we  get  more  story  of  work for achieving success. For example: long term plan wise    work ,   using better  technique  for  getting  more  feedback.  well plan basis  hardwork,  rutin wise practise  for succee. Taking  cooperation  from  experienced person.

It  is certainly  correct  that  success  is  not easy for all. In contrast, it is  also true that success is not impossible matter at all . Who work for gaining success with well plan basis  and also apply  previous  experience. Then  they also abtain   victory in their work.

On the contrary,  it  depends on  specific well plan,  proper handwork, better  application of  your  experience  based  on knowledge  in your work or subject. Otherwise  your all mission   and   vision  or  objective will  be  fail. For  this  reasons,  we  should   try  to   achieve  best level   experience  through our  everyday work  for  our  better future . It   is  universal   truth  that In most  of  the time    better  work  make  always  better  future.



Now  The  Query  is  That  What  is  Experience?

Although  the  quiz  is  practical work related  even then in once  sentence  we  can  get    the question reply is that

Experience  is   the   capability of  after learning practically  doing  work  according to professional standards , leading the  work of others  to  discover problem  and proper solution  of  the specific work.

For example:  if  you learn driving course then you get  instruction from your instructor during the course. In contrast,  after  completion your course  when you drive the car on the street according to  professional  standards ,  lead other to drive   as  a  instructor, troubleshoot  of  complication and also blend  that is  called  your experience

Besides,  it  is  certainly  true  that experience  is  always related  to knowledge. And  then,  it  is  sure  that  acquire  more  knowledge in specific  subject  means  that  more  experience.

On  the  other hand,  no  knowledge means  that  no  experience.

Likewise,  it  is  universally  ensure  that  attain more  conscious  it  increases   more value  to your  client  and  also  in workplace.

Furthermore,  It  is  More  Potential Question is That  How  to  Get  Experience

For  acquiring  experience  initial  condition is  that your self determination  and    realization  to  know  importance  of  experience. Because,  we everyone  strongly  believe  that  there  is  a   way  if  there  is  a  will.

However, in the modern world  generally  in  two  way  we  can   achieve  incident  in  any  specific  work.


                Just  as:  1. Physically

                             2.  virtually

  To  illustrate:

  1. Physically  means  that  you  have  to    be  attend   biologically   in  targeted   organization or  institution  to  obtain practical  knowledge  in specific  subject  according to   their  convenient   schedule.

Such  as :  factory  worker,  restaurant  waiter,  construction  labor  etc.

2.  On  the  other hand  in the acquisition of  knowledge  using virtual   system.  For  example:  through  internet . practical  appearance is  not all time  important  factor  but  your  response  in  the work is  the  most  dynamic   question. In addition ,  in  virtual   system we  can communicate  easily  with other. In particular:  through facebook, you tube,  messenger, whats app, imo, google, instagram and  other  social media.

Though,  in most  cases  practical  event  always  get  first  preference.  Moreover, theoretical  is  not  less  importance   matter.  Some importance  sector  it   is  very potential issue.

One example :  academic sector.

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