Life  is  beautiful  when  you  get  better achievement  and  keep  contribution  to  your family  and  your  society. Because  as a  social being  we  have to  depend on each other for our varieties  reasons. If  you have no contribution  and  achievement.  Then  it is sure  that you  will  not get suitable value  from your society.  In our society social  value  always depend on your  achievement.  And your  contribution  to  other. Everybody like successful person no failure.  It it is certainly  true  that  there are different  barrier  on the  way  of  success.  But  if  you get  achievement   you must  conquer  all  type  of  obstacle  with  your  confidence.  It  is  sure  that we  sometimes  have   to  walk  alone      on  the  way  of  success. At  that  time  we  have  to  go ahead with our self confidence .  And  must trust on  our Great  creator  Allah. Because  according  to  our  religion  Great  Creator  always  almighty  and  helpful. Although  as  a  human being  we  are  social  being.

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