We  everybody   believe  that    mind   is  very powerful  weapon    and  source  of   prudence  ,  imagination  and    also  wise.  It  is  true  that if  your  forthright  then  you  will face  different  problems  it  makes  many  enemy.  They  will  want  to  stop you .  In contrast,  I , We  and  You  do  not  be  fear  on  face   any   enemy  and   problem .

More over, it is obviously accurate that, life in the earth for the forthright person, Who are cowards the lose a lot of great opportunity benefits. As a result they often fall behind in the battle of life. Because, we must remember that time and opportunity  do not always catch up to us . So,  every one of us should make good use of time and seize the opportunity with courage.

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