Life is mysterious matter. Here one has to take risks to achieve great success sometimes by daring in cool head. It is true that courageous  is the most important  part of human life.

If  you want  to  win in the  earth ,  you  will  be   courageous  and  sometime  you have  to  take  risk  for  achieving  success  and  your goal.  Actually,  earth life is not  easy  because  the  earth life  is  competitive .  For  this reason, it is  favorable truth that  “No risk , No  gain.  But  you have  to take it  on the basis of  proper knowledge.  There  are  many  barrier   in here .  You  have  to  overcome  it  with your  cool brain and mind, Do not  feel uneasy  and not  to lose  your courage  and  do not waste time. In  every  step  you go ahead here  with  carefully. Otherwise  you  can not  touch your  desirable  destination.

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